Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Fine Mess

My fiance picked up this book on one of her vintage trips.  It's basically retellings of Laurel and Hardy movies.  Essentially, they're photo comics:

But, I found it interesting the way the author laid out the pages.  Seems like someone from a film or photography background would keep the layouts simple as in the image above (though it does make use of "bleeds").  I found it remarkable though that the author laid out the pages using various comic-like lay outs.  

I'd be surprised if the author wasn't informed by comic layouts.  It's what keeps the book interesting visually.  

In this photo you can see that there isn't much in the way of dialogue or description so the varying page layouts really aid the storytelling.  

More photos:


  1. I have a Buster Keaton book like this somewhere. It's kind of amazing. Picked it up for the same reason.