Wednesday, January 12, 2011

and now a word from our sponsors...

i'd like to point out the excess amount of controls and switches on the zit fighters battle ship that seemingly cover every surface possible. but luckily they found the fire button quick enough to shoot a giant astringent pad at mount fuji


  1. Oh my God, this fucking ad brings me back... it used to be in pretty much every Marvel book from 1992-1998 as far as I remember. I think the Zitfighters from Outer Space had a couple different adventures too,

    Wait, the zit is on planet earth itself? Or are they zoomed in on some kid's face? If their goal is to blast zits off teenagers what is the point of living in outer space? So many questions

  2. ads that are comics are going to be a thing here at 555-COMX so watch out for more sponsors!