Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Leftover Comics

Wacky Witch #18

first thing i must point out here, is that no where in this entire comic is there a scene of skiing
another weird, or shall i say wacky thing about this comic, and most all Gold Key comics, is that its completely anonymous.
even the issue number is hard to find hidden in the first small text at the bottom.
I myself have made anonymous comics, i would draw these small 8 page comics made from one piece of 8.5x11 printer paper, literally drawn on the paper made-to-scan, i would print out like 200 and hand them out a ton of local philly basement and warehouse shows, eventually getting a small notice amongst the noise band hipsters as the dude that made those weird comics.
but yeah, im sure the intent behind Gold Key's anonymous comics were on the complete polar opposite of my motivations to leave weird comics for people to enjoy and question its existence. I can only imagine a cramped studio with an assembly line of artists cranking these comic books out with no deeper passion for the content they are making. probably surly about the fact they bust there hands drawing all day with no credit what-so-ever.
while i purposely make anonymous comics for fun.
times change i guess.

anyways about the comic, its an anthology format with a bunch of short pieces
Wacky Witch is a sassy little witch girl that for some reason or other is the personal assistant to king dingaling
the first story and the longest, and the one it would have made sense to base the cover around instead of some seemingly random pinup of wacky witch skiing, is about the king wanting a falcon.
ya'see king dingaling is a greedy, bratty, stereotype who wants what he doenst have. after hearing about how hip trained falcon servants are he must have one.
so wacky, along with her sidekick, a ghoul named Greta, go out to find a falcon for the king.
as you can see above they find a falcon and Wacky decides to hypnotize it
and what d'ya know! once the king snaps his fingers he gets flown away by the falcon himself! how wacky!

The falcon brings King Dingaling back to his home perch where they run into a blatant Fred Flinstone character design rip-off with the name King Roxy.
we learn above that this falcon was actually his guard falcon and now his treasure is stolen!

but don't worry, Wacky Witch has the power to manipulate the ionosphere where she manages to crash land the bandits zeppelin and get King Roxy's gold.

But Wacky never got King Dingaling's falcon! so now she is forced to mind out the king's sick furry-esque tickle fantasy.

next we have a 2 page story of the 'Three Tusketeers'. The king loses his porridge bowl sends the Tusketeers to find it, they find a family of mice bathing in it and find out a cat sold it to them, they then find the cat who is then forced to feed King Dingaling. Simple corporal punishment joke.
great for kids.

The next comic is a 3 pager with a parrot and a guy named Chester whos freaking out because he's stressed and tense. The parrot, Piccolo, then does a punch of jokes and gags at his expense to relax Chester like the one above.
Piccolo then makes the mistake of giving Chester a badminton set, which of course the required 'hit the birdie' joke is had with Chester relieving his stress by hitting Piccolo with his racket.
violence is always the best punchline!

the dustbowl has hit King Dingaling's kingdom! Wacky Witch does some investigating and hears from Batty that it was the Grim Raker who's cause all the plants to die!
its up to Wacky Witch to serve some justice!

Wacky of course finds this Grim Raker, turns his rake into a black magic joke, forcing him to explain himself, which he goes on to blames the Midnight Knight.
So now Wacky has to find the Midnight Knight.

to make things worse were told that off-panel the Knight has stolen the Kings gold. now its personal.
BOOM! Wacky's hit.
Greta decide's to take it into her own hands, she then jumps out of a gopher hole and scares the Knight giving Wacky time to steal the gold back.

Wacky then puts a bunch of cacti around the king's gold.
the end.

when i first plucked this from the dollar bin at Atomic City Comics i was pumped to have a wacky time with witchcraft. I was severely let down. Very boring and just not wacky enough. i can't imagine kids even thinking this is cool. looking at it just makes me hear the whiny obnoxious voices of 70's kids cartoons.
there also seems to be an over-abundance of sweat drops, movement lines, and highlighting lines.
major bummer.
next week ill be reviewing another Gold Key comic with hopefully better results!

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