Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Leftover Comics

Death's Head 2 #6
blade hands are still cool

I picked up this gem for 99 cents at a thrift store.
This 1993 Comic is done in the classic house style Image comics made famous, with one too many bulging muscles and spread out nipples.
The character Death's Head2 is some sort of dimension hoping killer cyborg with the ability to morph his hand into weapons, this issue features his hand as a knife, a hammer, a 3 claw hand, a 'regular' hand, and a VCR remote.
He also wears thigh-high buccaneer style boots, a laced thong, and a cool studded bracelet he got from hot topic at the mall, while rocking a 3 foot long pink ponytail. I always loved seeing these outrageous characters and think how they would look on their free time, like seeing Deaths Head2 walking down the street to go to pick up toilet paper at the corner store, would he put a shirt on? where does he keep his wallet?
this issue was written by Dan Abnett, pencilled by Simon Colby and Inked by Andy Lanning, and was released by Marvels UK imprint. Notice the topical title 'Borgz 'n the Hood', this is 1993 remember, when Ice Cube was still a badass thug and wasn't producing TBS sitcoms

This issue starts out with this red-headed she-warrior rippin some dudes apart while double fisting swords. she then pulls a Jackie Chan and jumps off the top of a building using the different awnings to break the fall, followed by hijacking a pterodactyl
they of course breed and use pterodactyl on this planet, called Lionheart, 3442 AD.
the pterodactyl 'air base' is actually like an air force base, with plenty of 'fuel' for the ptero's.
i do love the little things in comics.

she then gets shot down and inexplicably the artist decides to have the last panel be sideways? i mean you could still get that ass-shot but turn the horizon line at an diagonal angle... it looks as if the castle is on the side of a mountain!

we then finally get to see our man Deaths Head2 in action, we start out with a bar fight where he's kickin ass and eviscerating everyone in sight with his blade hand. notice in this 2 page spread DH2 is punching a guy who also has a blade hand....
while later on in the issue a completely different character who isn't in any scenes with Deaths Head2 has a blade hand as well. Including DH2, this issue has 3 dudes who decided after the accident to have a weapon for a hand instead of something functional.

once again, this is 1993

DH2 continues to kill guys at the bar while someone goes out to get the main bad guy for the issue, the major. notice the hilarious British humor, "OOPS! Sharp too!" while he assumingly impales an innocent tavern patron.
DH2 then goes to the cemetery to meet up with his undead friend so he can get some answers to where the woman seen earlier is, who we find out is his partner, or you probably would know if you read any issues prior.
his undead buddy cracks a few jokes too, like the one above referencing bad phone connections.
and I'm not sure if this is lost in translation with the queens english but you can see he says "I should do. I killed him." , is that how people talk in England? or was he really supposed to say "I sure do." and the writer, editor, and letterer didn't notice?

anyways, of course the major finds him at the cemetery and they have a huge battle with the necessary quips that also explain their powers

which leads to the finale punch through a tombstone. can I point out what is up with the majors legs in this panel here? he gets punched so hard they turn into nubs. The whole army then shows up and they shoot magic powers at him followed by the major punching him out and were left off with the image of the major over DH2's body screaming "VICTORY IS MINE!" and then you have to wait another 30 days to see what happens next!

it's really hard to follow who the hell any of these characters were, and who's the good guys and who's the bad guys. They also call DH2 'Hood' multiple times (he has 2 names?). And who was Death's Head 1? Does it matter? not really. doing a quick wiki search of this character, it seems he was just created and re-created a bunch of times by multiple writers, every incarnation getting cancelled in about a year. He first appeared in a Transformers comic, then multiple UK sci fi and comic magazines and limited edition mini series etc. etc. each story adding onto and making his history all the more convoluted with time travel and dimension hopping and made for marvel science words. I can't imagine anyone trying to hunt down any random magazine with a Deaths Head2 comic in it. it seems that from reading this issue without any prior knowledge of Deaths Head2, he's just a big monster that says a bunch of jokes while killing everyone looking for his girlfriend, great stupid fun, proving that all you need for a plot is a guy walking around, joking with whatever new characters appear every few pages followed by lots of punching and stabbing! i do it all the time!

above is DH2's arm taken out of context, which then makes it look even weirder.


  1. Oh man, I grabbed every Death's Head comic I could back than.... Great post!

  2. Blades for hands, feels good man.